Networking Solutions for branch office networks

Branch offices require secure, optimized network performance to drive increased efficiency and responsiveness for users. Today’s branch network must not only support the business, but also contribute to the bottom line with an open, agile and flexible network that provides consistent application delivery and performance to support business requirements.


– Branch networks must maintain reliable access with LAN-like performance, regardless of the location of the user.
– Secure role-based access to a heterogeneous user base, from a multitude of devices across all branches.
– Advanced security and delivery of cloud-based, heavy applications to an increasingly heterogeneous audience.

Benefits for the branch

The networking portfolio scales optimally to support the branch, providing efficient and secure services to users that expect LAN-like access anytime and from anywhere, and provides enterprise-class wireless connectivity for distributed enterprise and branch environments supporting a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Our solutions feature advanced capabilities designed to keep a distributed enterprise workforce connected and productive while alleviating IT concerns about network capacity. Organizations can optimize application performance over WiFi, especially important for voice, video and mobile apps. With network management solution, IT resources need not be dedicated to tedious, time-consuming tasks that can be automated.


  1. Hardware Maintenance & Support
  2. Software Support
  3. On-Demand Projects
  4. VpIP Installation & Config
  5. Data Recovery
  6. Wireless Installations
  7. Virus Removal

Also Maintenance agreement in the services box for corporate

Computer Repair

If you’re having trouble with your home computer, your internet connection, printer, PDA, TV or other computer or electronic device, we can send a trained, certified, insured I.T. to your home today or tomorrow depending on your location. We also provide instant remote support for many common computer problems!


We can develop a custom service plan based on the number of devices supported, the number of users, and your desired response times starting at one hour restore.

We can serve as your on-site technical team supporting production and non-production hardware including servers, mainframes, desktops, networks, printers and other devices. We also offer flexible service plans including on-site support (24×7 if needed), as well as 24 x 7 remote support.

This Sample Maintenance Agreement covers vendors selling services for maintenance needs,
and explains services, fees, warranties, disclaimers, limitation of liability, term and termination,
force majeure, and general boilerplate for a sample maintenance agreement.